Stop expecting….

To the PARENTs, kids, teenagers and others out there ……

JUst stop expecting.

Expecting them to do something, feel a certain way, express it in a way, react in a way…..

OR you do something and in return expect a certain reaction or action…

Stop it.

To lead a happy life without most of the heart aches ….

especially from the ones you love…


Officially over…*sigh*

Officially over with school today..!!!! (gave me a certificate for performance in school today)

Waiting for this as long as I can remember…

I can’t express how happy I am….. I don’t know why…

but I was never a fan of my school…. felt insecure, shy, awkward, worthless and stuff….

I am relieved from most of it… and I never want to see those faces again in my life except my 2 friends.


I am not sure if I am ready to take the next step or accept the fact that I am in-fact growing …for that matter.

And guys … If you are in school and feel the same way too….

This too shall pass…

Be confidence… be graceful…

Don’t care what others might think… it will be hard to ignore… but once you’ve done it a few times…you’ll get the hang of it.

Come out of your shell and shine..

         Always keep the one’s who love you CLOSe.






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 one word – *cute* #fullhouse

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” Nothing interesting going on, right now..”

I haven’t been posting as much I want…. ’cause college…

I’m telling you…it’s a LOOOOTT of work.

Like it makes you think that school was better…

They give more work, assignments, projects, tests, presentation…… *sshesh*..

so.. yeah.. that’s what I’m up to..

I made some friends…. I’m starting to feel comfortable now…

It’s kinda nice but frustrating with the jam-packed work scheduled.

Another thing that’s been on my mind lately is that in less than 3 years …. I’m gonna go into the world…a world with real problems and that my care free days are going to end soon….I’m scared yet excited when I think of my future.

Growing up is not that fun guys…. Make the most of it while you can and

mean while… Always be happy and positive. 






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Vantsy’s suggest ( a must watch)

This week’s suggestion is a must watch for everyone.

A movie that I am sure will move you, change your perspective and overall make your heart go through emotions, which at the end will make you light.

I cannot stress more on how beautiful this movie is made.

when you do watch, let me know in the comments, how you felt and feel after watching the movie.


I have the youtube link of the film for you to watch,below.

LIKE STARS ON EARTH(Taare zameen par):




Vantsy’s suggest.

This week, I am going to introduce a song that I instantly fell in love with.

I am not going to describe it, just listen.



by Zella day.

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Life …. it goes on..

I’ve not been able to update because of my going on adaptation to college life….

Its a lot more work than school…..  a lot more conflicts inside me…..

In deciding how to react and what person I want to be…

Re-thinking my dreams and questioning what I want…

Mixed feelings…. Ongoing and ever ending thoughts…

   came across this quote and I wanted to share with you all..

I am not useless, just used-less

I am not careless, just cared-less