Life …. it goes on..

I’ve not been able to update because of my going on adaptation to college life….

Its a lot more work than school…..  a lot more conflicts inside me…..

In deciding how to react and what person I want to be…

Re-thinking my dreams and questioning what I want…

Mixed feelings…. Ongoing and ever ending thoughts…

   came across this quote and I wanted to share with you all..

I am not useless, just used-less

I am not careless, just cared-less

Vantsy’s weekly suggests.

This week’s suggest is..

  two words.


should I say more?

If you are a teenager or a one who just stepped into adult hood….. you will definitely LOVE it! (coming from: A fan who read the trilogy and watched and will watch the movies to come)

Katniss, the heroine of the story is number one in my favorite characters list.

She is confident and fierce, the girl on fire.

A lover with kind heart and a leader with strength.  Every character is unique on its own. It makes us a part of,   the chaos of  love and war.

To sum it up, reading the book was one of the wonderful and adventurous rides I have gone through mentally in my teen years.

If you have already have read it or you liked the movies/books, let me know through the likes or comments!Let the games begin!!

***” may the odds be ever in your favor”***


The first push to my handicap at heart.

Today in college the class representatives of our class were selected and it is done by students voting….

well… three of us, by our own choice, stood for the election…

The one with the highest number of votes will be the representative and the next is the assistance representative…..

All voted… they announced the results in like 5 minutes… I wasn’t one of the top two..’ out of three‘..

Felt embarrassed the whole day… like everyone was staring at me with judgment… but now I am glad I did at least stand…(spur   on the moment)…. my hands were shaking though.. I didn’t know why..

Lets just say that it is the starting/first step to my courage and confidence….


♦ And guys next time you see an opportunity…it may seem small…but, take a chance…..

You may be afraid… you may also not win… but it will make you a stronger person with the experience.♦

Try again and again…. if you want an inspiration …. remember yourself when you were learning to walk.

Didn’t you fall/fail the first 50 times?

Thoughts on the first day of college!

hey guys!

****drum rolls please***

I started college!!!!!!

There were no emotions (I did feel a bit nervous though..) but my mind was in a confused mode with the thoughts of my future.

Reality was staring right in my face that I AM really growing up, yet was in denial…

I felt like all the confidence in me was sucked right out, when I entered the gates…..

I told my self I would never say this but ” I kinda miss my school days“… yeah……

I am trying to be as matured as I can be but I just want to loosen up and stop worrying about my abilities and capabilities of things that I think I can do…

I question my every move …the way I talk, the way I move, the way I stand…. If I can’t even be comfortable in my own posture and always be leaning on a wall of self-doubt…,

How can I reach the many goals and dreams, I have and be the happy person I want to be?

I don’t want to be constantly afraid of what might happen or what others might think….

I want to be ‘the‘ confident and independent women with the support of those who truly love me…

To be that person, I have to change,.. change and challenge myself with the things that I usually run from…

I am going to keep trying…….ALWays.

But guys, all things aside “Have a good day and enjoy being YOU“!! :)

Vantsy105’s ‘suggests’! ( my new weekly post)

Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something.

  You got a dream,

  you got to protect it.

  when people can’t do something themselves,

  they’re going to tell you that you can’t do it.

 You want something, GO GET IT. PERIOD.” – pursuit of happYness


Starting from now, I am going to do a new suggestion/recommended posts weekly, which inspired me, inspire me, or just a heart warming or even a laughable comedy that I enjoyed.

Movies, video’s, music, books… anything… that I want you all to see.

This week’s ‘suggest‘ is..

PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS” , a movie starring will smith and his son(Jaden smith).

I saw this movie long back, but thinking about it now, still does something to my heart and brain.

The fact that it is based on a true story, takes it to a whole new level.

It makes us to question ourselves about the things we were and are afraid to do,

when all we have to do is believe in what we do and keep our head held high through our sufferings. This beautiful movie with the addition of will smith’s brilliant acting, may make you teary but a worthwhile and heart warming movie to watch, which at the end, will leave you with a smile on your face.                                                                                                                                                                       umudunu-kaybetme2(1)     – the movie                                                                     pursuit of happiness – the book

Got any college advice for us?

hey there!,

I am going to college(after high school), two weeks from now …

Anyone have any advice on how I can rule it?.. Just kidding..

Seriously,   college advice, suggestions, your experienceS…. anything would help…

Even, you “realizing stuff” during those times or if you are currently in one ….

If you are like me and a bit (scared + excited – fond of the idea of getting old)… share your thoughts …

It may help me or in other words ‘rescue me‘ from hardships …. we want your wisdom ‘O wise ones..

“tell ‘em in the comments”  ‘*wink*’