I got lost in my own city!

Today, me and some of my friends went to a place to check out for college related purpose.

It was a new place and I didn’t know how to get back,

I walked a lot asking people where to find the correct bus to reach home,

and all of them pretty much was not right and I had to walk back and forth.

I think I would’ve walked over a kilo meter.

Then got on the wrong bus, for which I, for a moment got relieved that finally I was going home..

but no… got down, walked some more, waited and finally got into the correct one.

But it turned out to be the longest time I have ever spent in a bus.

It went to every possible place i hadn’t been in the city…


I am still confused,

and all I could now see are vehicles.

Buses … vehicles everywhere, but not one that I could go on..

Less thinking…More happiness

I live a lot in my head….

I think too much..

Over thinking every single thing…

I get irritated a lot… like teeth grinding irritation..

But recently i started thinking about why I over think too much…

Its feels like the world is telling me to live the moment…

so I’m just gonna do that…

Worry less..

Dream more…

Bring my insecurities down..

Bringing my confidence up..

Seek what I want…


I’ve been lately…

In the past I’ve been a lonely, miserable person

but after joining college, I was determined to push my limits and it was really hard for me..

It involved a lot of mental wars and i went through a lot internally….

but after trying to do everything perfect, I put myself into pressure.

I calculated every move I make to be right so that people would want to know me.

but then I got tired.

tired of traveling that far from my house to college.

to always smile no matter what my mind and heart went through.

I tried to act that nothing bothered me .

days passed and my 1st semester got over.

I got a few days of holiday before starting the next semester.

the first two days i didn’t want to do anything… .

I thought a lot

lately i’ve been trying to figure out things..

not who i was or who i wanted to be..

I was trying to figure out other people.. and why they are like that…. and how do adults be ADULTs

though i couldn’t figure out how the world runs…. the more i thought the more i felt like my brain was going to give up..

i slept more and it helped …

you know… your brain tries to relieve itself from confusion through dreams…

even though they are weird dreams… you will certainly feel better….

even though i am not completely sure or feel happy…. it certainly got better.

 just wanted to share my thoughts through my blog..

so yeah…

Sleep it off …. sleep it off..

I stay up too late…

I got nothing in my brain…

At least that’s what people say…mmhmm..

I go nowhere on my days..

but do everything at night..

Thats what people say….

so I keep laying..  can’t stop won’t stop sleeping

Its like I got this dream,

In my mind saying its gonna be alright..

The haters gonna hate, hate, hate…

The wakers gonna wake, wake, wake..

baby I’m just gonna sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep..

Sleep it off, sleep it off