Parent of a teenager?!.. (what they want you to know…)

If you are a parent who is reading this…. and your kid is in young-adulthood, you would probably be facing the same problems as the other parents and maybe the same problems your parents had with you.

If you are looking for a solution …. there is none.

what they want is some space…. don’t worry they will come around…

What they want is to make some decisions on their own,…by doing so, they feel like they are in control of what they want and by that, deep inside they feel a sense of confidence to face the world ..i.e(that is) when they enter into the craze of adulthood…

I am not saying that you should just leave them to spoil…but make them feel that they are independent…

Make them feel that their opinions are valuable…

Show them that you will always be there for them…

When you feel angry or afraid of their future…think of the times when they were little beings …who looked up to you as their real life hero and those times when they taught you to become more responsible…even mesmerize you at times…

This is the time when they realize that you too are human and cannot get everything right….

This is the time when they do stupid stuff and get worked up easily….

It is really a confusing time for them…. trying to figure out who they are…. and realizing that, world is not always sweet and loving…and to add, a days we have the electronic screens to prevent them from actually enjoying and the building up pressure to be the best in everything they can do…


No matter what they say..or what they do .. they LOVE you….and will do anything to protect the family…..

Just try to believe in them and try expressing that in words…

 I know, this is not perfectly written but this is what I want to tell my parents…

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