But still, you love.

you can’t complain. she’s the one who loved you, but doesn’t still love you.   A lover turned bully, I think she knows, but does she? Does she know the hurt and pain she creates, the fear and doubt, so much doubt she inflicts.   she does care, or does she? painting an image with a […]

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Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever felt this way? A feeling where you seem to search, the emotions which seems to not exist, the feeling like its been long since you’ve ever felt.   where is my once ambitious heart, where is my always unswayed strength , where is my empathy that I hold asset to, when will […]

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Is it your fault?

I have a hard time understanding why people complain when they are one the reasons that that complain exists. I am talking about the bitter moms and dads, the bitter employees, mostly bitter people. For example, when you complain about not having clean roads and a clean city, but decide to throw rubbish around like […]

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Love? Think Twice.

What ever you think love is That is not love.   Love is something that makes you care about them And doesn’t let their feelings go unchecked.   Love is when you feel their pain and try desperate things, even small, To ease them.   Love is when you hurt them so much in the […]

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Wait What?!

Wait what?!, is me questioning myself – Did I really complete 3 years of UnderGraduate ..? In just 7 days I am officially not gonna be a teenager anymore? Am I supposed to know what I am gonna do next ..? Wait What?! My heart screams… NOooooo…. Remember when people told you to not fuss […]

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How to make your heart stronger?

Have you ever felt that when you feel pretty good about yourself, there is always that someone who just tells you otherwise? Cause I am pretty sure about me, even though I am completely lost about what’s next. That I’ll figure it out. But some people who are worried or just in general have a […]

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The memories that made us.

  Remember.   Remember the better. To recall and cherish, The time you couldn’t stop laughing Couldn’t stop smiling. When your mind lighted up with happiness and love.   Remember the less than better To recall and learn, The time you couldn’t stop hurting Couldn’t stop feeling lost. When your mind churned with emotions and […]

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