My speech.

I wrote this for a speech I have to give in college, let me how is it or suggest corrections.

Thank you. – Vantsy105


Whose gender is determined by one ‘independent’ chromosome.

Whose favorite color is determined to be pink and her favorite doll to be Barbie even before she is born.

Who when was a little girl, never noticed any difference between a boy and a girl to be friends with.

Who grows with a planted notion that every boy is tougher than her.

Who then realizes that she is not being treated the same in every matter.

Who then learns that she has to bear a pain that the opposite gender will ever know or understand and that the world is completely divided into two, one being the man and the other being the women.

Everyday around the globe she is being separated and kept out from conversations, insulted by people referring and naming characteristics and things as ” feminine stuff”.

Every day she walks with the fear of getting her space invaded, being on full alert mode every minute and every second of her life.

Whatever she goes through she keeps to herself.

She is expected to get a degree not to start her own business, not be the Ceo or the next big scientist or the next president but just to put it next to her name in her marriage invitations.

She creates a miracle, a life inside, nurturing it for 9 months and goes through the excruciating pain of every bone breaking in her body.

She is expected to stay home and look after her family without having expectations for herself.

She gives out as much love as she possibly can to those around her.

She is fierce when it comes to the protection of her loved ones.

A beauty that many fails to notice .

She is a daughter, a sister, and a most importantly a mother for every being in this planet.

She is basically a strong and an amazing being.

Some fails to understand and underestimates their own strength, but those who do realize changes the world for good.

We see them and we hear about them in our everyday life, as an example and an inspiration, such as

Taylor swift who taught me to shake it off and that haters are always gonna hate,

Malala who showed me that even when you’re hurt too bad, you can stand up with you’re head held high to fight even more,

Mother Teresa, who made me realize that there is always more love to give,

J.K Rowling who told me to let my imagination run wild and that its okay to fail. Even when she was broke, alone with a child, she continued the one thing she loved to do, which as we all know made history.

And most importantly we see it everyday in our mother.

Let me just finish this by giving my advice,

Strength comes from with in and you are capable of that strength.

You can change the world.

Anything is possible, if you think it is possible.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

So, here’s to strong women,

May we know them,

May we be them,

May we raise them.

Hello lovely people!


An advance happy new year to you!!!

so here is an update and my last post of this year…

4 more days of holiday and back to college, which I start of with exams(BAM!).

I have to study like a lot, finish an assignment  and prepare a speech.


All things aside, I started this blog this year in june and its been nothing but relaxing and an absolute pleasure.

 May the year 2015 be of what you expect!

See you next year!

– Vantsy105

Listen to you?

Hey there!

How are you?

I know everyone of you have something going on your mind right now..

Now, you could have someone or a few or many who would listen …..

but if you have/want something to share or  someone to listen to..

I am here…

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There is some one always here to listen..


– Vantsy105

To encourage you to share, I am going to choose a topic and publish it under “listening to you” every week.

I got lost in my own city!

Today, me and some of my friends went to a place to check out for college related purpose.

It was a new place and I didn’t know how to get back,

I walked a lot asking people where to find the correct bus to reach home,

and all of them pretty much was not right and I had to walk back and forth.

I think I would’ve walked over a kilo meter.

Then got on the wrong bus, for which I, for a moment got relieved that finally I was going home..

but no… got down, walked some more, waited and finally got into the correct one.

But it turned out to be the longest time I have ever spent in a bus.

It went to every possible place i hadn’t been in the city…


I am still confused,

and all I could now see are vehicles.

Buses … vehicles everywhere, but not one that I could go on..