Update. Random thoughts.

Remember, the times when I used to break my head, stress out, got anxious thinking of how and what I wanted to be.

well, I now feel silly for it.

It is not like, “hey!, I’ve grown up and I buried the too many dreams I had”

but its more like ” well, I was a school kid and I wasn’t enjoying it as I was supposed to”

I still feel silly for how I kept thinking but not doing anything, and being awkward.

I’ve gotten bored of internet and the whole world around it lately.

Sometimes things are so much simpler when you don’t over think it,

though I still am scared of the whole growing old/up process.

I want to do things on my own but with keeping people closer to me. family and friends. (They are important.)

but as I keep reading about the horrible things that goes on around the world, see and feel the ignorance of some, it makes me incredibly sad and question “human sense”.

what did these many years of civilisation come about to?

p.s : today my semester exams got over. yay!


A must see!! (“Vantsy’s suggests”)

I just finished watching a hallmark movie in youtube, and I loved it!

It made me happy and happy cry.

As most of the hallmark movies, this one is also a christmas themed movie.

Also one of my favourites is the lead in this movie – Bethany joy lenz.

And all I wanted to do after finish watching the movie was to recommend you guys to see it!!! and here I am telling you to see it!!

A Christmas secret.


Listen my try….



you know, I like to sing.

and so I sang… I don’t have any fancy mike or stuff, so I sang to the computer.

Do listen to it and tell me what you think about it. It means a lot.

So I made this channel on youtube, just so I can upload it here on wordpress.

Here’s the cover…

P.s. I have a test tomorrow and I have loads to study but instead I am uploading this which took me FOREVER!!!

Thank you!


‘when the ground seems unstable, take a step back…’

we have those days which may prolong for a day or a week or even a month where you do not want to do anything at all . you do not try to look your best. present your best. give the best version of your self. you just go with the days. Those things you wanted, when you dreamed of things, slowly fading at the back your head.

It maybe because we had a change of environment, or we just say ” we grew up”.

we say we realised its not possible to do those things you wanted badly but not bad enough anymore.

when I was in school(that is like 2 years back), I wanted to do something big, wanted to get out and start fresh. Maybe I believed that this change from school to college will give me more freedom or just that,I will have a clean slate with people to give them a new impression that my school mates haven’t seen.

But what happened was, I did achieve to present a new me, that involved me pushing my self so hard to just answer in class, to act confident, to be someone to look out for. But my dreams started to fade to the back of my head, I didn’t have time (poor time management) or did I wanted to do the things I loved. I started to forget what I wanted and what I liked.

Now I am sitting here and thinking, what am I doing, this is not me, I push myself, do my best and lately I am scared of not having that standard achieved for everything I do.

I don’t enjoy those things I did/do, I am just scared for no reason.

so, Now I ask myself what I want to do about this. I have no persistent goal and that to me is scary.

And I decided, I am just going to try to be my best version, have some ‘me’ time(’cause I love me some alone time) and just not have to put a lot of pressure on myself unnecessarily. I am going to try enjoy what I do, make them boring things interesting.

when things seem to move fast, the ground seems unstable, take a step back.

We have to start somewhere…


Smile, ’cause it suits you. ;)

Hi again, (update)

hey guys! its been a LONG time since I last posted.

so viral fever caught hold of me for several days and it was not pretty.

In-between I had a test which I wrote with my head spinning and anxiety kicking in as I wrote it too slowly and didn’t have time. then I finished a whole project.

and also I gave my fever to my brother. (sorry bro).

and now as i’m finally getting some tastes through my taste buds , I’m bored.

Fabric_ art. (Sharing ART.)

so, I made this for my fabric art credit, but my teacher was not satisfied with it so I had to make a whole new one which was so much a last minute- a half a day made- without sleep and an obligation to study for the test I had the next day which also included a sort of break down. and turned out much worse than this.

but oh well, anyway I like it and I wanted to share it with you guys.

P.s, I am not studying art, it is just a G.E. I like to do artsy things though.

IMG_2523 IMG_2430                 IMG_2515

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. (insecurities that stop us)

I have so many thoughts, so many question marks.

Not about the universe, not in the subjects I study but mostly about people around us and around the world.

What color one may be, what race one may be, I am confused why people think the way they think, why we have so many emotionally non-healthy things with in us.

I am talking about those insecurities, fear of what people might think.

On the other hand, people think they are better than the latter just because they feel so and not giving the respect each one deserves.

I am no perfect being, but I am just saying about those who just don’t know the basic human manners of respecting other beings. Be it a human, an animal or a tree.

And the others trying to get stronger and brushing away those looks that pierce their confidence.

Trying to get over their insecurities and some in their process hide and get comfortable being quiet.

I am confused as I write this post.

But I am clear on the fact that parents can teach to respect. not by just saying it but by showing it.

And to those insecurities and uncomfortableness, though I do not have the solution I can suggest a start.

One, Start taking care of you physically and sooth  yourself emotionally. If you are too sad, just give yourself some time.

start by adding those positive things about your self in your thoughts. Everybody is going through something. Own it.

And you can choose to not let those small negative things to affect your happiness. And yes we cannot always be cheery all the time but learn through it.

But if you want to let it out, write it on a paper or here on wordpress or just tell it to me. we don’t know each other, so why not share and lift that thing bothering you, it maybe something someone said to you today or just to simply talk.

Secondly, I heard this while I was watching a ted-talk.

be comfortable with being uncomfortable”

and I believe it will take us to heights.