Fabric_ art. (Sharing ART.)

so, I made this for my fabric art credit, but my teacher was not satisfied with it so I had to make a whole new one which was so much a last minute- a half a day made- without sleep and an obligation to study for the test I had the next day which also included a sort of break down. and turned out much worse than this.

but oh well, anyway I like it and I wanted to share it with you guys.

P.s, I am not studying art, it is just a G.E. I like to do artsy things though.

IMG_2523 IMG_2430                 IMG_2515

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. (insecurities that stop us)

I have so many thoughts, so many question marks.

Not about the universe, not in the subjects I study but mostly about people around us and around the world.

What color one may be, what race one may be, I am confused why people think the way they think, why we have so many emotionally non-healthy things with in us.

I am talking about those insecurities, fear of what people might think.

On the other hand, people think they are better than the latter just because they feel so and not giving the respect each one deserves.

I am no perfect being, but I am just saying about those who just don’t know the basic human manners of respecting other beings. Be it a human, an animal or a tree.

And the others trying to get stronger and brushing away those looks that pierce their confidence.

Trying to get over their insecurities and some in their process hide and get comfortable being quiet.

I am confused as I write this post.

But I am clear on the fact that parents can teach to respect. not by just saying it but by showing it.

And to those insecurities and uncomfortableness, though I do not have the solution I can suggest a start.

One, Start taking care of you physically and sooth  yourself emotionally. If you are too sad, just give yourself some time.

start by adding those positive things about your self in your thoughts. Everybody is going through something. Own it.

And you can choose to not let those small negative things to affect your happiness. And yes we cannot always be cheery all the time but learn through it.

But if you want to let it out, write it on a paper or here on wordpress or just tell it to me. we don’t know each other, so why not share and lift that thing bothering you, it maybe something someone said to you today or just to simply talk.

Secondly, I heard this while I was watching a ted-talk.

be comfortable with being uncomfortable”

and I believe it will take us to heights.


I like this song! ( Vantsy’s suggests)

So, I watched the latest episode of PPL (Pretty Little liars) the other day, and at the end a really cool background song came up. 

I instantly feel in love with it and searched and found the song.  

For me this song relates to what I feel and we all feel most of the time.(Brings out the “feels”). It basically soothes me.

And it is on repeat ever since I’ve heard it.

I really like this song, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

This song is called ‘Skipping stones‘. 


What I did during this summer break!

I got college in a day,

I had 2 whole months as holidays,

I thought of changing everything from being an amateur in art, trying to learn to use a sewing machine to stitch and make things, workout and transform into an awesome being before I show myself to college, read a ton of books, be super organized and be an expert in beauty and fashion.

Basically, do it all in these two months where supposedly I should be free, but an as usual I did nothing expect stitch a skirt and a bag which might tear any second now, I did paint once which turned out to be childish and I gained more weight.

I was forced into a swimming class for which I got anxiety everyday as I am just scared of the whole “floating on water like a cork and not sink” and constantly disappointed my father as I did not fully watch and read the”how to drive a car” videos and texts.

And when I was starting to get motivated, I was made to travel A LOT.

Conclusion: I did NOTHING!


Single mindedness or Sleeplessness?

I wrote a post, it didn’t get published because of bad internet and now I am too tired to type it all again and I don’t remember most of it. Nope can’t remember or think straight. I’ll convey what I can in points. Sorry.

Traveling is hard.

New place every night.

At times like this, we seek comfort by imagining that we are in our own bed.

So I tried to do the same but ended up with little sleep every night for almost a month now.

People drained me. single mindedness made me question my whole built of inner strength.

No this was not a vacation but just some visits back and forth to my native place.

and yeah, I have to mention that I walked 17 kilometers at a stretch.

My final question is : Is my confused state and lack of everything including trusting myself, because of sleeplessness or single minded people?

Maybe both?!

In the adventure train.

(What I felt about travel. In words below with a clip)


I am going out,

Out of this town,

Around the world.

Spinning on an adventure wheel,

Making my mark as I go,

Around the world.

Meeting new faces,

Making relations,

Doing what I do as I go,

Around the world.

Nothing seems familiar,

But I feel like I belong there,

on every road I take.

Lovely connections,

Lazy walks,

Staring out the window,

From my adventure train

Going places,

Seeing faces,

Making the most and embracing it.

Touching lives,

New crowd touching mine,

Forever there stays, a piece of me.

Soul clearing. Breath taking.

That’s how I wanna lead my life,

In an adventure train,

Around the world.

A special day for me! for us!

Today, this day I started this, in WordPress.

Its been a whole year since then.

and also today is my birthday!!!

Now I am in college,

and happier than last year.

Even though I might not have a lot of true relations,

I have a really few, really close ones,

who cares about me, and who I love.

so, on this day, let your loved ones know that you care about them,

just say hi to those you don’t see everyday,

just let yourself feel happy and make others feel belonged.

Most Importantly, show love to all the women who raise another one of us.

 Happy mother’s day!!




All is same and well in my world,

My 2nd semester exams are going on… and after that in June I’ll be a senior…ha.

I still can’t get over the fact that I actually finished school and now I am going to be a second year college student!

It all happened and happening so fast.

Just wanted to give you guys an update.

well, YOU have a good day then!

Always keep smiling!